As a Mobility Manager you are concerned by direct & indirect transport costs of your employees. Kowo reduces these costs with a carpooling application that allows you to find/ propose a ride in the next 24 hours. By connecting drivers and passengers automatically, you can offer or select a ride for the next day in less than a minute. You will be notified when your trip is confirmed and you will be able to track your drivers’ position.

As a fleet manager, you are concerned with safety and cost management? Freeedrive is an app that helps preventing the 23% of car accidents due to texting while allowing you to save up to €25k per year on a fleet of 100 vehicles, mainly on insurance costs. When the application recognizes that the phone’s bluetooth is paired with the car, it automatically blocks disturbing notifications and access to all apps except those that you allow. You manage centrally all authorizations and reported exceptions. The information is securely and privately stored on the platform to demonstrate a safer driving behavior to any corporate stakeholder (ISO norming, insurance company,…)

Your company needs to deliver all sizes of objects quickly and safely, Birdiz is the solution for a great transparency in price, an easy follow-up of your packs and simple and safe payment. We offer delivery on bike, scooter or car and also refrigerated cars for catering services. We adapt our service to your needs by offering an express delivery service who can bring your packages from in Brussels or Paris in less then two hours. We are also revolutionising the world of urban deliveries by offering the first fully flexible on demand delivery service at a very competitive hourly rate.

As a digital advertiser, you are concerned with the emergence of ad blockers, low interaction rates and the complexity of managing your influencers on social networks? With Blügle, maximize efficiently the emotional bonding behind branded (video) content. Blügle owns a community of 10.000 influencers per country who will spread your videos across their own social networks and will be remunerated depending on the number of views that they generate. This advocacy circumvents usual hurdles and increases the affinity of the branded content for viewers. You can also capitalize on a community of creators who can generate content that you will validate before distribution. Both are addressable through a platform where influencers and creators meet brands.

Woobe aims at becoming the B2B reference in terms of efficient communication platforms. Our goal is to offer you a improved company culture through an enjoyable and meaningful internal communication. Woobe is an elementary platform which allows medium to big size companies to gain both efficiency and engagement impact whenever they communicate. Indeed, with Woobe, you will save time & money on administrative tasks, such as the agenda management, rationalise your actions, collect data & track your impact… Eventually, with Woobe you are opting for an all-in-one shared communication platform, allowing multiple administrators so any transversal departments who would take a communication action, has a global view on it.

The Stockly platform enables farmers to rent their available storage space (sheds, warehouses, outdoor spaces) and individuals to store their recreationals vehicles more comfortably (camping-cars, caravans, boats, mobile homes, vans, etc). The website answers these two needs: a simple and secure solution for users and an additional income for farmers.

As a publisher, you want to fight against the structural book sales decline? With iMook, you enrich readers’ experience and transform them into online ambassadors. Digital bonuses (playlist, wallpapers, video,…) are provided for free to all readers and can be downloaded on smartphones. When they share them with their friends across social networks, they are rewarded with even more bonuses.


M-CADOR automates visual tasks with AI, from the acquisition of images and videos to the restitution of informations in an augmented way. We offer different types of service, from precision agriculture with Weed Detection, Plant Counting, Plant Disease Detection, to quality control with Flaw and defects detection, Thermal Analysis and 3d Mapping through Optical character recognition. At M-cador because your business is unique we also offer custom made solutions. Our algorithms helps you save time, get data from our image analysis engine and use the right tools to sort the useful from the useless.

You want to learn more about innovations, Publithing is the agency that developed a big range of services for the corporate. Whether you need advice on IoT, benchmarking or you wish for training course on the technology sector, IoT or business model, Publithing is the best to support you. We also organize seminar and PR events to help you grow your knowledge on innovation.

You want to train your employees Fvrther will help you with its gamified solution for training. With its intuitive, mobile an evolutive platform Serialskiller you can cocreate and diffuse your learning games. You want to learn about agile methods and management 3.0 discover the new gamified solution of Fvrther. Fvrthermore we offer a personalised learning games for your firm.

Make your cameras smart enough to catch events that matter, offer a hosted video monitoring API that delivers automatic notifications when something happens. You want to know what people look at in your shop, if people came twice, basically analyse human activity, this the solution you’re looking for. enables you to activate customers in real-time and conglomerate useful data on them through a simple to use complete stack mixed with a real time web API.

Kyokita is an innovation agency dedicated to the Internet of Things. They accompany corporates from prototyping till mass production from their Lab in Paris. They are a team of multidisciplinary entrepreneurs with specialists in Big Data, IOT, electronics, workshops and web and mobile application design.

and many more to come...