We invest in your innovation strategy

Corporates have a great market knowledge to identify business problems worth solving, while Start-ups have the agility to create fast and efficient solution to those problems.
Barefoot&Co proposes a unique and innovative co-creation model by creating Start-ups in Joint-Venture with Corporates.
The mission of our corporate sutdio is to professionalize the creation of Start-ups thanks to:

  • A proven method to evaluate and select new high-potential businesses
  • A Lean-Start-up approach for testing & validating Product-Market fit
  • Shared resources within Barefoot&Co
  • Seasoned entrepreneurs with a proven track record

This set of tools, we provide it to Corporates that want to accelerate and decrease risk of their innovation projects


Barefoot has developed a unique methodology:

First meeting with startups

First we meet and discuss your Project to have a first grasp of the Problem you want
to solve, and the Solution you are trying to bring.

First business analysis

We conduct an iterative desk research where a dedicated team of entrepreneurs will
analyze your project, covering the following 8 key aspects:

  1. • Idea/Problem spotting
  2. • Market Size Analysis
  3. • Market Adoption
  4. • Competition Analysis
  5. • Product mock-ups
  6. • Sales Pipeline creation
  7. • Business Plan
  8. • Conclusion & recommendation

Test of the project financial viability

We end this phase by providing you a complete report of this study and with a
presentation to your Executive Committee that will demonstrate the attractiveness and level of feasibility of the project

The Feasibility Study can lead to 3 scenarios:

Scenario 1: Drop the project
Our feasibility study demonstrated the non-viability of the project, you now have all the needed information in your hands to stop wasting time and resources in an unattractive project

Scenario 2: Continue alone
You are not tied to Barefoot and are of course free to go with your project on your own

Scenario 3: Let’s go together
Barefoot demonstrates the viability of the project and is ready to co-invest with you in the creation of a Joint-Venture. We agree on the following legal aspects:

Signature of the Contractual Agreement

Financial shareholders agreement

Definition of the Shareholders Agreement including the gradual shifting of Shares from Barefoot to the Corporate by means of call options

Appointment with our startup studio

Appointment of the Startup’s Board Members

Team dedicated to startups

We recruit the best possible team thanks to our extensive network of entrepreneurs with a successful track record

We invest in startup

We liberate the cash to invest with you in the new Venture

We incorporate the Venture as a Limited Liability Company. The new Venture will automatically benefit from the Studio’s resources:

  1. • Hosting at Barefoot’s office
  2. • IT resources
  3. • Legal advisory
  4. • Accounting support
  5. • Operational coaching
  6. • Experience sharing with other hosted startups

All the Startups within Barefoot’s eco-system are deeply Lean-minded and working their way to finding the best Product/Market fit. With this philosophy in mind, and thanks to the pooled resources from the Studio, we can build MVPs in very short periods of time and without ever wasting resources.

On top of it, Barefoot’s experienced Executive Committee takes an active role in mentoring the Startups and bringing them the right advices at each stage of their lifecycle.

The biggest challenge for Startups is to find their first customers. With our model, our Ventures can easily overcome this difficulty thanks to:

  1. • The Corporate’s network and brand name
  2. • Barefoot’s extensive network of partners
  3. • Cross-fertilization of Sales funnels between our Startups